Significance of Uterine tonic for women

The cervical glands secrete mucus that mixes with the worn out cells of the vaginal lining to come out as a fluid from vagina. This vaginal fluid or vaginal discharge will help in cleaning the vagina in a natural way. Vaginal health is dependent on the small amount of vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge will appear thick after ovulation and if there are any abnormal changes observed in the discharge then it is the indication of any infection. The discharge will be more in the case of vaginitis. Vaginal fluid might become extremely thin or thick sometimes with blood in it. Vaginal discharge color will be gray or yellow in the case of vaginitis and the person will experience irritation, itching, pain, inflammation and fishy odor in the vagina in the case of vaginal infection.

Some of the gynecological problems

Abdominal cramps are common during the primary dysmenorrhea where the contraction of uterine muscles occur. Excessive growth of yeast in the vagina is the common cause of yeast infection. Antibiotics might destroy the healthy bacteria along with the harmful microbes in the vagina. Yeasts grow in the vagina if there is a constant wetness in that area. Most of the gynecological problems result in the form of abnormalities in the menstruation cycle.

Menstruation involves shedding of unfertilized egg along with the blood and the endometrium tissue. Menorrhagia is the condition where the blood shed during menstruation is more than 80ml which can sometimes result from hormonal imbalance. If ovulation is absent, the hormonal imbalance leads to excessive bleeding. Excessive bleeding might also be due to uterine fibroids. Polycystic ovary syndrome also can cause hormonal imbalance. Irregular menstruation is caused by abnormal activity of thyroid gland. Frequent menstrual bleeding is called polymenorrhea and a small amount of menstrual bleeding is called hypomenorrhea.

Uterine tonic benefits

The major features of uterine tonic are supporting uterine functions, reducing vaginal infections and making the menstrual cycle to normal. The uterine tonic for making women healthy has some more functions. They are

  • Beneficial in premenstrual syndrome and premenstrual dysmenorrhea
  • Useful in decreasing the risk of vaginal infections
  • Decreases heavy bleeding during menstruation
  • Ovulation reduces irregular periods and increases fertility
  • Useful in decreasing the pain during menstrual period
  • Beneficial in managing the situation in menorrhagia, metrorrhagia and oligomenorrhea

Some of the uterine tonics constituting quality components are beneficial in maintaining optimum hemoglobin levels and in enhancing normal flow of blood in the body. Depending on the Ayurvedic herbs that are present in the tonic, it helps the women in balancing the menstrual flow and in other hormonal issues such as stress, anxiety, irritation and depression. The toxin present in the body is cleaned and the blood is nourished by this uterine tonic. The balancing of reproductive fluids, blood and hemoglobin is done by the uterine tonic. Uterine tonic is useful for the conditions like infertility, irregular menstrual cycles, leucorrhoea, hyper-menorrhoea, pre-menopausal related complications and so on. Uterine tonics can be utilized by the women for easy childbirth due to the toning up of uterus muscles. Black Haw is an herb that is used as a part of the uterine tonic considering its safety and effectiveness.

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