L-Arginine For Infertility: Supplements

L-Arginine for Infertility

L-Arginine is the molecule that is found to be highly beneficial as potent fertility drug to men as well as women who are planning for children.  The impact of L-Arginine on human fertility was studied and published in about 10,000 research studies. L-Arginine is also found to be useful in anti-aging, blood pressure regulation, glucose regulation, energy increase, improving the function of immune system, sexual dysfunction improvement, orgasm increase in women and helping men to trigger longer erection.

The fertility in women is enhanced by 33 % when they take L-Arginine supplement for a prescribed period according to a research study. The synthesis of nitric oxide is enhanced by L-Arginine and nitric oxide is produced by the body naturally. It is also useful for blood vessel dilation, increase flow of blood to uterus, genitals and ovaries. Women can be benefited by L-Arginine by increasing the mucous in the cervix, by enhancing libido, by promoting healthy environment for implantation and extend women fertility after 40 years of age.

The improvement of sexual function in majority of men is offered by L-Arginine. For those men who start losing their erectile function after 40 years were found to generate fertile and successful sperms by taking L-Arginine. L-Arginine in men is found to help in enhancing testosterone levels, increase flow of blood through arteries to the penis, cause erection for longer period, and act as natural Viagra in the medical world.

L-Arginine shows impact on sperm health. Men with low sperm counts were found to show improvement in their sperm amount and motility by 250percent plus. Men are benefited by L-Arginine intake due to improvement in their sperm health, in their erectile functioning, and increase in testosterone levels. L-Arginine being an essential amino acid and its ability to build proteins allows it to cross the blood-brain barrier for the hypothalamus, to stimulate the pituitary gland naturally and release more growth hormone that can enhance fertility. The nitric oxide generated by L-Arginine is a chemical compound that is found to be helping erection in men and orgasm in women. Absence of nitric oxide might lead to difficulty in erection and conception although it is not impossible. L-Arginine is known for its ability for herpes outbreak and hence should be avoided by the people with herpes virus.

Though the dosage levels of L-Arginine differ from patient to patient, it is generally accepted by many of the medical practitioners that 500mg per day of L-Arginine will work well for improving fertility with minimum risk. There was a research study published in 1999 in Human reproduction on L-Arginine treatment for IVF in poor responders. The L-Arginine group of patients among all 34 patients, had improved ovarian reserve and transfer of embryos. In this group, the plasma levels of arginine, citrulline, IGF-1 and nitric oxide were evaluated. Significant improvement in Doppler flow was observed in L-Arginine group where 3 pregnancies were registered. The other control group did not register any pregnancy. Therefore, it was concluded from this research study that supplementation of L-Arginine to poorly responding patients might improve endometrial receptivity, pregnancy rate and ovarian response.

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